Railway Days in Donaghadee

A group of local people with the track-
​lifting train at Donaghadee in 1954.
4-4-2T No. 17 leaving Donaghadee with a
​train to Belfast during the 1930s.
​A busy day at Donaghadee in the 1930s.
Donaghadee, looking along 'The Commons'
in 1954.
Tracks at Donaghadee in 1954 after the line had closed.
A train of 14 carriages from Belfast, probably a Sunday School Excursion, approaching Millisle Road Halt in the 1930s.
0-6-0 No. 26 leaving Donaghadee with a train to Belfast on 5th June, 1937,
Millisle Road Halt on 31st January, 1928 with finishing touches being put to the station in preparation for opening the following day.
​Millisle Road Halt looking ln the opposite direction during the 1930s.
Donaghadee Station about 1956 after the tracks were lifted.
The two 'Camping Caravans' are at the platform to the left.
Donaghadee on 22nd April, 1950.
The day the line closed.
2-4-0T No. 1 with station staff and crew at Donaghadee in the 1880s.
4-4-2T No. 13, as UTA No. 213, preparing to leave Donaghadee on a very wet and windy 22nd April, 1950 - the last day of trains.
​2-4-0 No. 6 at Donaghadee in the 1920s.
​4-4-2T No. 3 at Donaghadee in the 1930s.
​4-4-2T No. 12 at Donaghadee in the 1930s.
​The interior of Donaghadee Station in the 1930s, looking from the buffer stops.
Another view of Donaghadee Station taken on 22nd April, 1950 - the day the line closed.
The newspaper stall has gone, and the two carriages on the right were the 'Camping Caravans' that remained at the 'Dee for a few years, being placed on a short piece of track.