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Steam Locomotives of Irish Railways

This series of small books is aimed at recording the histories of the various classes of steam locomotives operated by the railway companies in Ireland over the years, from the early days of railways through to the preservation era.
They are published to A5 size, and each volume will cover a particular class of locomotive.   Whilst some types may have had a large number of engines, the majority of classes in Ireland were quite small, in some cases having only a single representative.   The 101 class 0-6-0 class of the Great Southern & Western Railway was the exception, having the greatest number of engines of any type to operate in Ireland.
Each volume will contain a brief history of the class, with leading dimensions and as much historical information as is currently available.   At least one page will be allocated to each engine, and will contain a photograph of the engine, with details of its history from building through to its eventual demise.   An Album Section will contain additional photographs of the class, and the interior of the back cover will hold an A3 size GA drawing of the class.   (Except the first four volumes).
We have attempted to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.   Each volume will be limited to 550 copies, and each book will contain a numbered 'Certificate of Authenticity' built into the body of the book, and signed by the author, and by the Trust secretary.
A few volumes will be released each year as time permits, so if you wish you can ask us to send your copy, along with an invoice, as they are published.
The majority of the photographs used are from the Trust's own collection, or are photographs provided by photographers who have given us their permission to use them.  
As we try to make the volumes as comprehensive as possible we would be delighted to hear from anyone who has a collection of Irish photographs, and who would be willing to give us their permission to use them, so please contact us if you think you may be able to help.
                        Volume 1.
   Standard 4-4-2T's of the B.& C.D.R.    

 Volume 2.
V Class 4-4-0's of the G.N.R.(I).   £4:95.

Volume 3.
'Baltic' Tanks of the B.& C.D.R.

                        Volume 4                                                           Volume 5                                                            Volume 6
        U Class 4-4-0's of the G.N.R.(I)                        VS Class 4-4-0's of the G.N.R.(I)                  WT Class 2-6-4T's of the L.M.S.-N.C.C.
                           £5:95.                                                                  £5:95.                                                                   £8:95.
Volume 7
PP Class 4-4-0's of the G.N.R.(I)
                         Volume 8
      Locomotives of the Ulster Railway
Volume 9
Large 4-4-2T's of the B.& C.D.R.
                        Volume 10                                                           Volume 11                                                            Volume 12
  W Class 2-6-0's of the L.M.S.- N.C.C.              S and S2 Class 4-4-0's of the G.N.R.(I)                     0-6-4T No. 29 of the B.& C.D.R.
                            £10:95.                                                                £8:95.                                                                      £5:95.
                        Volume 13                                                           Volume 14                                                           Volume 15
  U2 Class 4-4-0's of the L.M.S.- N.C.C                     UG Class 0-6-0's of the G.N.R.(I)                       RT Class 0-6-4T's of the G.N.R.(I)
                           £10:95.                                                                 £8:95.                                                               Due June 2016.  
Please add £1:00 postage for one copy
plus 50p for each additional copy ordered at the same time.       


Carriage Stock of 
The Belfast & County Down Railway
£35:00 + £4:00 post and packing.
Carriage Stock of
The Ulster Transport Authority
£30:00 + £4:00 post and packing.
During the Blitz on Belfast in 1941 the Workshops and Drawing Offices of the L.M.S.- N.C.C. at York Road, and the Belfast & County Down Railway at Queen's Quay, were extensively damaged, and many of the records were destroyed.
Following the end of hostilities both companies set about preparing sets of new General Arrangement Drwaings, these being based on information available at the time, and in many cases it was simply a case of having to measure the surviving vehicles.
The two companies worked very closely and each produced their own sets of drawings.   In both cases these were produced to a scale of 3/16" to the foot, and whilst these were generally fairly accurate, in some cases the drawings were not exactly to scale.
These two volumes are re-produced from copies of the original drawings that are held in the archive of the Belfast & County Down Railway Museum Trust, and each contains copies of the original drawings.
The Belfast & County Down Railway volume is a copy of that produced by the company in 1945, whilst the U.T.A. volume is a reproduction of a combined volume produced in 1957, and containing drawings of all existing steam stock of both companies remaining at that time, along with drawings of some of the vehicles produced to run with the new M.E.D's introduced in 1951.
We had considered producing the volumes to full size, but in order to keep the cost as reasonable as possible for enthusiasts and modellers, we chose to publish to A4 landscape with comb binding.   The 'County Down volume also contains a section with photographs of most types of carriages represented.

Diesel Locomotives of Irish Railways

A new series of booklets to the same format as the Steam Locomotive series detailed above, but with each volume detailing a class of Diesel locomotives.   As with the Steam Locomotive series there will be a page for each engine of the class with a representative photograph.
As with the earlier series, these will be publishes as completed, and a permanent order can be placed to secure future issues.
Volume 1.
0-6-0 Diesel No. D-1 of the B.& C.D.R.
Please add £1:00 for postage and packing.
'Last Train to Belfast'
A NEW Music CD
Written and recorded by
Raymond Wright
 1.    Last Train to Belfast - Newcastle 1950.      
 2.    There Ain't No Trains Through Comber.
 3.    Ballymacarrett Junction - January 1945.
 4.    Hellbound - Quarry Lane, Dundonald.
 5.    The Station Clock.
 6.    The Hall and Kitchen Line.
 7    The Train-makers.
 8.    Train.
Raymond Wright very kindly donated these songs to the Trust, and we are deeply indebted to him.   This is a new departure, if you'll pardon the pun, as a means of fund-raising, and we hope you will enjoy the mix of songs.
The first track on the album recalls the departure of the last train from Newcastle to Belfast on 16th January, 1950, and when we first played the track to a gathering of former railway-men, and people who regularly travelled on the line, there was hardly a dry eye in the house.
Price:  £6:95 - plus £1:00 postage and packing.
The Last Days
of the '
County Down Railway
The major part of the Belfast & County Down Railway was closed in 1950 soon after it was absorbed into the Ulster Transport Authority.   This book was published by the Trust in 2010 to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the closure.
Using newspaper cuttings, and various other articles, it traces the major events during the last ten years of the railway, from the Second World War through the closure in 1950, and outlines the disposal of the company's assets, culminating with the scrapping of all but one of the fleet of steam locomotives in 1956.
This is a nostalgic look at the passing of a railway that was held in high esteem by its staff and travellers alike, and the articles chosen give a clear indication of the deep feelings that ran through County Down at its closure.
Published in A5 size, with glossy card cocers, the book runs to 92 pages, and includes a 'Final Reflections' section that offers a glimpse back at the history of the company through old photographs.
Whether you are old enough to remember the 'County Down Railway, or are too young to have experienced it, this book cannot fail to stir inner emotions within any Irish railway enthusiast, or indeed anyone with an interest in railways.
Limited Edition of 1,000 numbered copies.
Price:  £12:50 plus £1:00 postage and packing.